Mushroom ravioli and celery, grapefruit juice to drink with it.

Enjoying some Iced Tea and eating a cookie :)

Does that mean you ate nothing?

Right now I am into fattening sweets, like a piece of apple, cinnamon Danish ring.

Wonder why I am getting:
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That, or it will double post!

Sweets again, I am having blueberry mini muffins with my coffee.

I am eating black chocolate. It is delicious.

Porterhouse steak broiled rare - from grass-fed steer, soon a bourbon and coke. (no veggies, nothing but steak - why, yes I did grow up in Montana)

Drink coffee with omelet or sandwiches, its my favorite actually..............

Drink coffee with omelet or sandwiches, its my favorite actually....

Baked beans and franks, and a diet coke.

Eggs Benedict and black coffee.

Ziti with pasta sauce and a glass of OJ.

Brussels sprouts and zucchini medley with a Bavarian knock wurst and a glass of California's finest Merlot.

A fist full of dark chocolate covered cherries from Trader Joe.

At last it's Friday night! I'm having sushi and a pretty decent Californian Cabernet. Yes I like red wine with sushi... is that bad?

I am about to eat some bbq pork ribs (oven style) and drinking a bourbon and coke.

A tall glass of grapefruit juice and a toasted Asiago cheese bagel.

A roasted chicken sub, baked sour cream and onion potatoe chips, oatmeal cookies, and an energy drink to pull an all nighter.:)

Trying to pull an all-nighter with reheated pineapple and bacon pizza, sipping on a large mug of hot black coffee.

Following a recipe which is Fried ice with some mixed soft-drinks and a little bit of fuzzes candy. That should bring some interesting results.

Nothing. I don't eat anymore. It's bad for my health.

I am drinking an energy drink and roasted chicken right now

Just brewed up a big pot of Stokes of Lincoln 'poacher' coffee - which can mean only one thing: time to get working.

A tall glass of V8 juice heavily peppered.

A tall glass of V8 juice heavily peppered.

a tall glass of pepper lightly juiced?

Habitant pea & ham soup in a mug, the only thing I knew about Canada before I got here, was swapping beer and steak burgers for ration soup with Canadian Inf

Aus rations include beer, steaks - accidental buffalo incident
the soup is good enough to give beer for

Habitant pea & ham soup in a mug. Sounds good! My father never had dinner without a soup. My mother at times ran out of soup recipes. Too bad she didn't know about this one!

My neighbor brought over a loaf of home made Sette Cereale bread, tastes real good with salmon schmear and a weizen beer.

New York cut prime steak from free-range cow - of the 40 pound only these steaks and a couple of t-bones left (we did trade some for Muscovy duck with some farmer friends). Bourbon and coke coming up.

Salami and Fritos, some fruit juice mix.

I am having a lemon coated blueberry scone with my coffee. Ah so good!