Toasted bagel with salmon shmear and soy milk.

Beef on rice noodles with nice red wine.

Kraft Dinner and ceasar salad

Pan fried boneless chicken thighs, corn and a bottle of Black Chocolate Stout from The Brooklyn Brewery.

Chicken Primavera with a generous helping of fresh asparagus.

Drinking some Coke @ the moment :)

Chicken (dark meat, fresh of the grill), roasted corn and some California red wine.

steamed vegetables and grilled chicken...yummy...

ok, now i am having a bottle of water...:D

Thinly sliced Signature Spam on toast and
water made from ever so rare glacial ice.

drinking a glass of water, special water, that some time back in history, Aristotle peed in

V8 juice topped with freshly ground pepper.

Almost forgot, I am making orange/cranberry scones to munch on later.

Keep eating your cigrete, this may be one easy way to get rid of a disgusting signature spammer.

Doing maintenance on my bookmarks and eating pasta alfredo with ahi (tuna in mac & cheese) with sparkling water (no modifiers, just bubbly water)

i'm eating pizza and drinking a coke with it..

no you're not. you're eating a stale dog turd with a side of spam.

An egg salad sandwich and a side of sauteed mushrooms, cup of hot mint tea.

hot green tea with orange blossom honey - yum!

Take out Pepperoni Pizza and a Sunkist! Oh man is it good.

Our cook had some leftover ravioli in the fridge, so I heated it up and ate it.

If my folks would be rich enough to have a cook, I made sure there was something better than ravioli in the fridge.