I am eating leftover Christmas goose - wonderful stuff, with a small glass of St. Germain as a digestif

Honey Bunches of Oats with strawberries and cream

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Badger Golden Champion Ale. It's a cracker, forgot how good it was. Only drinking it because the local offie sold out of my current fave, Deuchars IPA.

Just finished a concoction made by the wife. Xmas knows what the hell it was supposed to be - ended up being potato-3-ways. Get this - chorizo, bacon, chicken, asparagus, saute potatoes, scalloped potatoes, mozzarella and Xmas knows what else. Still, no leftovers.

It's getting a bit cooler finally. The neighbor's wife brought over a sample of her beef stew.

A nice helping of chicken fettuccine over rice pasta

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Guinness from a can - the Original stuff, none of that Creamflow/Draught nonsense - yuk!
Rare lamp chops, oozing blood and buttered new potatoes. Oh yum.

Refried black beans, sour cream, and Fritos corn chips

feeling so much hungry,
going to have some great indian road made stuff....

eating One Banana, drinking Jasmine Green Tea and a glass of water..
I'm on a diet.. xD
Later, I'm going to cook rice gruel for dinner.. :)

Prosciutto with shmear on a whole wheat bagel, and a handful of Mexican grape tomatoes.

^ Does that help wash down your pride?

Portabella Mushroom soup and homemade French Bread. Nice for the cold weather here.

just taking a cup of tea

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Some chocolate walnut brownies

Roasted chicken with green beans, mint tea.

popcorn. But in a few minutes I'm going to make some more chicken creole soup, almost, but not quite, like this one

Scallops with peas and mushrooms

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Eating Flames. Not literally, it's just the name of my local pizzeria. I'm eating cheese and tomato pizza with chips/fries and drinking Pepsi. Tastes good but NOT healthy. I'm eating in and typing this on an iPod.

Well, i'm not eating or drinking anything right now, but i'll have a glass of milk before sleep.

Nice steak and white asparagus

Chicken wings and corn chips

Medium rare flank steak and grilled eggplant. Ah, the joy of cooking your own stuff!

Two eggs, thick sliced bacon and Hawaiian coffee.

i'm spending my time at Starbucks for my assignment...
i just had a Raspberry Black currant Frappuccino Juice...and now i'm going to buy a Caramel Macchiato..xD