Veal Italian style and some red wine.

I am eating a chocolate cake (big) slice!

greek cold coffee frape :D

Sizzler, beans and red wine.

Mexican blackberries and cream from the happy cows of California.

Irish Soda Bread and one cup of mint tea

I just had veggie burger and water!!!!

Soul food and rooibos tea

Lentil burgers and mushrooms, red California wine.

Actually I'm eating rice and something we call moin-moin over here in Nigeria, it's actually a bean pudding.

Crumpets with almond-butter and blackberry jam, a big mug of peach tea.

Drinking some Pepsi @ the moment :)

Pop Tarts And Bush Light :-]

Eating macdonald right now. Fish burger and a mac flurry

Eating cookies bought from the shop near my house. And it sux

Well I just started eating dinner and thought this would be a neat topic. Everyone knows we love to eat while on the computer; two birds, one chair.

I'll start it off:

Deli Sandwiches, macaroni salad, potato salad and a Pepsi :)

Nothing at all at this moment?

Eating atoms and drinking mineral waters

Having my dinner now, chicken rice with fried chicken and fries

Having my breakfast, typical asian food

Had breakfast, Rice. Nigerian Stuff.

Just finish my dinner. Having ice cream now

coffee, regular size cup. 8 packets of domino sugar, 1 scoop of creamer. tonight, jagermeister.

Eating some Buns now.

7:am now in Singapore. Having breakfast and getting ready for school

School time now. I hour later to recess, still thinking of what to buy later

Moin-Moin in the morning.