Having milkshake bought from the macdonald opposite my house

Eating some biscuits now.

Moin-Moin and bread. HMM!!!

Biscuits and some water :)

Dinner now, sweet and sour fish, with steamed chicken and omelette

Supper now, muffins

Biscuits and water again.

nothing, can't wait for dinner.

Scallops with mushrooms, glass of California Merlot.

Lunch now. Having pasta

A toasted bagel with lox and capers.

Liver and onions anyone?

Egg sandwich for breakfast

Butter chunks and water.

Dinner now. Having sardines with other food, mostly vegetables.

Breakfast. Buns with orange juice

Noreos, orange biscuit.

Dinner, Fried rice with prawns

Breakfast now. Hotcakes with hashbrown, in macdonalds

I love eating pizza, ice cream and Biscuits

Oreos dipped inside milk

and now a pack of Monte Carlos have walked in the door XD