The lady next door brought over a nice dish of penne pasta with spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes and olive oil.

Hot water + spun honey and lemon - I have a sore throat and need to baby it. Later in the evening will add bourbon to the mix.

Recess. Chocolate Cake

Two jumbo eggs over easy, sourdough toast and fresh pineapple.

potato chips -

Pringles brand

A Burger with lots of ketchup on it.

Nothing, so hungry, but I will eat very soon.

Dinner. Lemon chicken with fried fish and rice.

so hungry now, and still nothing...

At last biscuits.

My roommate makes the best pork chili, learned it from his mother. Ah, just had the last spoon full!

A nice tuna fish sandwich and a root beer.

A yummy PIZZA....Domino's Double cheese dip's a hell tasty!!!!!
Also having Garlic French Fries.....

KFC, cheese fries

Cream of mushroom soup and some Naan.

Well nothing now.

chicken with rice and a diet code

Maple pecan cereal with blueberries and milk.

Curry chicken with rice and yogurt

pasta with pesto sauce and some small carrots on the side

Asparagus with lean bacon.

Green tea laced with pomegranate and raspberry.