Blackberries and cream.

Graphes, sour ones

A cheese filled crumb coffee cake with a mug of strong dark brew.

Diced peaches on vanilla pudding, yum!

A stale doughnut and a cold cup of coffee.

Farmers Union Ice Coffee.. Get me through the day :)

Im drinking some Orange Soda :)

Dinner. One dish is luncheon meat the rest i won't tell you. Its a secret;)

milky polvoron..


My last spoonful of rice. Multi tasking now, spoon busily scoping food into my mouth, eyes on daniweb and ears lisening to my ipod. Nice life

great life.
how i wish i am a student again

Eating dragon meat with tomato sauce on top. Taste nice. What do you think AD?;)

Early morning here... Having a nice cup of Peet's Tea

Raspberry yogurt and a class of soy milk

Remember, you are what you eat.
If you eat dull and boring food, you are dull and boring!

How is that for dull and boring?

Maple Pecan Cereal with fresh Mexican Blackberries.

Danish bread with peanut butter

A grilled muenster cheese sandwich, pickled artichoke hearts, peppermint tea.

Grilled Pacific salmon, spinach souffle and a coke.

I just had a pizza, will be cooking some chili-chicken this evening. That's chicken breast coated with spicy batter and pan fried accompanied with a salad dressed in balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Sadza, vegetables and stew (that's the standard lunch in Harare)

Paulaner Salvator Double Bock Beer and a bratwurst.

My Swiss friends invited me for a freshly baked 'strawberry cheese strudel' and some properly chilled pear wine. Can life get any better?