Spinach and mushroom omelet, hot chocolate

A NY cheesecake with lots of fresh strawberries.

Fresh mango and pineapple slices with whipped cream.

Love pineapple, just had a hot pineapple and cheese pizza with a cold beer for breakfast.

Oats and pecan cereal with fresh strawberries and milk.

Two mini pizzas and a cup of mint tee.

Chicken apple salad with white wine.

Berry blue Hawaiian punch on ice.

Visiting friends in lovely Needles California where it is 112 degrees F in the shade right now.

degF = 112
degC = (degF-32)*5/9.0
print("%d degF = %d degC" % (degF, degC))  # 112 degF = 44 degC

Oat and flax cereal with papaya and milk.

Breakfasr. Cereal with milk

Typical greasy hamburger with all the junk on it, and diet coke to drink.

Mineral Water now:D

frsh from the field strawberries and fresh from the cow cream
love canada in summer

Grapes now. :)

Barbecued chicken, corn and a fifth of July.

Noodles, Hashbrown and Fried Egg for breakfast now. As for drink, i have soya bean milk

Ha, the 2000th post in this thread :).

A nice hot cup of tea.

Ha, but 2001 has also something special about it :)
Toast and jam.
Coffee, black!

Instand noodles now. Now a very healthy dinner for me:D

A mushroom omelet, toast and coffee.

Raspberry low fat yogurt

Sandwich with chocolate chips muffins for breakfast

A stale old TV dinner I found in the back of the freezer.

Potato chips. Can couch potato refer to someone who snacks and stare at his laptop screen. Speaking of which, my keyboard are dirty now.

Cinnamon rolls and a strong cup of coffee.

I think you are are a couch potato only if you eat your chips on a couch. You might be a mouse potato if you eat your chips in front of the computer. Just reading the calories on a bag of potato chips is enough to scare the hell out of me!

commented: You really are strict about the food labels +0

After having a salty snack yesterday, i should balance the diet by having some sweeter. Salt + sweet = Balance Diet

So i am having ice cream with extra nuts toppings. Fat free and less sugar too!;)

just drinking my morning coffee