Berry blue Hawaiian punch on ice.

Visiting friends in lovely Needles California where it is 112 degrees F in the shade right now.

degF = 112
degC = (degF-32)*5/9.0
print("%d degF = %d degC" % (degF, degC))  # 112 degF = 44 degC

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Potato chips. Can couch potato refer to someone who snacks and stare at his laptop screen. Speaking of which, my keyboard are dirty now.

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Cinnamon rolls and a strong cup of coffee.

I think you are are a couch potato only if you eat your chips on a couch. You might be a mouse potato if you eat your chips in front of the computer. Just reading the calories on a bag of potato chips is enough to scare the hell out of me!

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You really are strict about the food labels

After having a salty snack yesterday, i should balance the diet by having some sweeter. Salt + sweet = Balance Diet

So i am having ice cream with extra nuts toppings. Fat free and less sugar too!;)

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