Typical Friday meal:
Fillet Mignon with white asparagus.

Got a new GF, she is over for breakfast, so I am frying up some of mom's butternut squash ravioli and let her have some walnut breakfast cake.

Birthday Cake (yum yum) :)

Birthday Cake (yum yum) :)

What kind? Again, happy 18th birthday! Are you old enough to drink beer now?

Celebrities who share your birthday:
Jeremy Miller (1976)
Carrie Fisher (1956)
Benjamin Netanyahu (1949)
Judge Judy Sheindlin (1942)
Joyce Randolph (1925)
Dizzy Gillespie (1917)
Alfred Nobel (1833)
Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772)

yes i am ( :) )
good old britain lets you kill people with cars before they will let you destory your own organs! :D

You ever play Portal? Good game!
No. You can destroy your lungs all you want, Serunson. Just not your liver.

bottled water.

You'll find it hard to believe this one:--Today I'm fasting from sun-up to nightime. I plan to do the same on Thursday and next monday too.

that's awesome, why are you fasting?

I'm getting ready to drink more bottled water.

Salmon over spinach with a touch of basil-buttermilk souce. I am too young to fast.

that's awesome, why are you fasting?

I'm getting ready to drink more bottled water.

The answer is very complex and many faceted. But for public consumption, I'll simply say that it's the best way I know of taking off that extra weight that has snuck up on my waistline over the past few weeks.
Keep drinking water (not necesssarily bottled)--that's just as good for the weight aspect.

A person's body is about 80% water. Seems to me, to lose weight, water is the last thing you should take in?

Closer to 70%, but water-weight loss is not really considered lost weight. If it were, you could just take a diuretic (or for the loss of some "solids" take an emetic) and quickly lose your exceses. But water is essential and doesn't affect our health negatively. The problem is FAT, and that comes off slowly and only by reducing our intake of calories to lower than the calories our body's processes "burn". When the net loss is of caloric value, then we lose weight.

Heh. Maybe this thread isn't the best place to be when not eating.

You're absolutely right--I'll disconnect from this thread--I have, unintentionally leading it astray

I didn't mean it like that.
I meant in the sense of you maybe getting tempted ...
Tea and more apple cake.

Alright--so I'll get back on track--tonight at my computer keyboard I drank a glass of iced coffee and ate a persimmon I picked from a tree in my back yard.

Coffee Ice Cream

jalapeno sunflower seeds.

apple is very useful and better than biscuts or pizza! if it is so go ahead to eat near the pc, if not it is harmful.

A coke @ the moment.....

I am drinking water, even that is costing me few bucks :)

soda overall is harmful

water is harmful....

I'm having some jalapeno sunflower seeds and a pepsi.