Hi it's just me Patty. :) New here, so thought i would start here. Awesome forum you all have here, and seems like some great members too!

I'm not really up there on the pro list like most of you all. I have a few sites, some i built in 2000, and they are still going. I found this forum just being bored tonight, and surfing the net. I was checking out animated signature, and somehow ran accross this forum in a search. hahaha.

Anyhow this place seems like a cool place to get help if i ever need any, and i sure hope i can help out when i can. :D Thanks for letting me join. Snack time now hahaha. Night everyone...

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Thank you happygeek, and jasimp. :) Boy jasimp you certainly are right, i don't know where to start hahaha. But i'm inching along. Thanks again, and have a good night...



Awwwwwww thank you jbennet for the welcome. :) you all are great here.

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