Minigolfing the other night left me nostalgic for all of the grandeose courses I used to play on family vacations in Florida and Cape Cod. Among my favorites were Pirates Cove (both the ones in Cape Cod and Florida) along with Storyland Golf, Lightning Falls, and Thunder Falls, all in Cape Cod. I'm trying desperately to find some nice aerial shots (or any photos, actually) of Storyland or Thunder/Lightning Falls but Google searches have turned up nothing so far. If anyone can shed some light, help would be greatly appreciated! Or, please share with us any of YOUR favorite minigolf places.

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Update: Attached are shots taken off of MSN Maps of two of the courses I've mentioned. However, wintertime shots might work for the Florida course, but they just don't do the Massachusetts courses justice, and they're rather small to boot. During the peak of summer, all of these courses have beautiful gardens, waterfalls, and streams. The putting green itself is situated on hills and under and through the waterfalls and streams.

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i've been to both pirate's cove and thunder falls in cape cod. great minigolf courses! as i remember thunder falls was a much more difficult course than pirate's cove.


Minigolf is fun, for about 15 minutes, and then it becomes boring to me. Then again it is fun to watch young children play.

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