My inexperience must already be showing itself--I couldn't manage to find my way to the proper "Introduction page" with the questionaire. So I'll jsut throw out a few items and hope that someone will come to my aid and re-direct me as to how to get there.
Personal information: I've been passively involved with computer ever since I bought my first "Kaypro" (remember them?). Mostly I used them for writing documents that I needed for my studies/teaching/family correspondence etc.
About ten years ago I took an introductory course for computer technicians but, in all honesty, I'm still pretty much at the basic level--but usually when I'm given instructions at least I can follow them (I repeat--usually).
Today I am retired (68 yrs old) and still use the computer, for the same reasons (minus the teaching).
I'm married, have seven children (six sons and one daughter) and six of them are married. Believe it or not, we have 29 grandchildren (at last count).
Aside from the computer, I find my intrests to be directed to nature-related activities (I was primarily a science teacher)--I live in a rural community and do a lot of gardening, hobbyist bee-keeping (12-20 hives, depending on the circumstances), make wine from grapes that I pick and enjoy my children and grandchildren.
I got to DaniWeb by following a link in Google about a computer issue I had and was impresed with the quality of the site and the people who are part of it--so I signed up.
At this stage of the game I am a total novice but I do expect, from time to time to turn to you all for help--computer issues always turn up and good advice is something that can always be used.
I was particularly impressed by the friendly attitude of the forum. Now I'll wait til I get some advice on how to enter the introduction site properly and close off for the moment.

Welcome! I wish I had the time to make wine using grapes I pick.