Yes, I'm new to Daniweb. I joined because I knew that this would probably the most active web design forum on the web. ^-^ But this isn't the place for introducing, is it? xP

Okay, to the question. I need to know how to Iframe my site, but I want it a certain way, so that you only view the home page, and the only thing changing is the content, not the navigation, page, etc.

Any example is this website.

I know that I have to take all the pages except my home page that stays the whole time and take away all the coding, so that it would be a colored page, but not laid out. I bet that was so confusing, what I just said. xD Oops.

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I can't modify my post? Oh well. *Shrugs*

Anyway, you have to click one of the navigation links on the website to see what I mean.

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