Yes, I'm new to Daniweb. I joined because I knew that this would probably the most active web design forum on the web. ^-^ But this isn't the place for introducing, is it? xP

Okay, to the question. I need to know how to Iframe my site, but I want it a certain way, so that you only view the home page, and the only thing changing is the content, not the navigation, page, etc.

Any example is this website.

I know that I have to take all the pages except my home page that stays the whole time and take away all the coding, so that it would be a colored page, but not laid out. I bet that was so confusing, what I just said. xD Oops.

I can't modify my post? Oh well. *Shrugs*

Anyway, you have to click one of the navigation links on the website to see what I mean.

This is not an Iframe you are looking but a frame.
You need to create a frameset with one frame only.
Generaly this is not really recommended as many of the search engines get confused as of what page to list.
There is info on many sites for this, for instance

Thanks, I'll take a look. Is it okay if I PM you if I need further help?