First Of All Sorry About Our English

Please read about our project and if you can, do not remove this project from your forum. We need to get support by you.

We are 2 university students and we create a project which name is Planet Of Internet. Please read about our Project and if you want, contact us.

Project Web Site: If you want to learn the address of this web site you need to contact me.. I will not add a link here because of the rule of this forum... Sorry...

The Planet Of Internet is especially founded to change the advertisement techniques in internet and to create effective & attractive advertisement areas.

Another target of our website is to replace the standard conventional page format with more enjoyable and interactive format for internet users.

The website is named as “The Planet Of Internet”. We consider the internet as the universe and discovered a Planet in this universe. We invite all internet users to enjoyable, free, interactive & profitable life of our planet and we call them to be our citizens.

We also invite all the establishments and individuals to spread the information on their products by introducing themselves to the citizens and visitors of the Planet Of Internet.

Our first effort is to establish a village on this planet. Then we will create the biggest planet of internet by establishing towns and cities. However, this development will be realized depending on the number of citizens and advertisers.

The Planet Of Internet is created by inspiring from the real world. The living areas, the environment and the acts are as same as our real world.

Hospitals, schools, houses, cinemas, subway stations, libraries, museums, airports, hotels, buildings, sport centers, recreational areas and other structures which are present in our world will take place in our planet.

As you see, there are a lot of structures on the Planet Of Internet. Advertisers can publish their advertisements by using the walls, the roofs and vacant areas of these structures.

By this kind of advertisement technique, the advertiser can reach the target audience directly.

For example you can publish your advertisement on a structure related with the occupation of your company or website. If you own a restaurant, you can publish your advertisements on the walls, the roofs or vacant areas of any restaurant or all of the restaurants. Where to publish the advertisement is completely your decision.

You can cover all the billboards of the Planet with your advertisements;
You can be the most famous advertiser of the Planet by covering all the Billboards on the Planet with your advertisements. You can reach all the citizens of the Planet by these billboards.

The greater advertisement area you have, the more popular you will be.

What will you gain by being popular?
A citizenship system is present on the Planet Of Internet. Our visitors can become our citizens with only 3 information. The number of citizens are increasing from day to day.

When you own the greatest area as an advertiser, the possibility of being known, i.e your fame will be increased as our real world.
Additionally, we will introduce the greatest advertiser each citizen of the Planet one by one without any fee.

Buy a special vacant land, manage it and make it valuable & sell it..!
There are a lot of Lands for sale on the Planet Of Internet. You can build special buildings relating with your establishment or your website.

After constructing the building, you can create advertisement areas on the walls, roof and vacant areas of your building. You can market these advertisement areas. All the revenue earned from these areas will be yours. Thus, you will not only publish advertisements, but also you will take advertisements to your building to earn revenue.

Your building which will construct by you, advertisements on your building, the content of your building and the number of visitors who visit your building's content will provide your vacant lot to gain value.

Planet of internet management team and you, the owner of the vacant lot, will decide the content of the building. Then the planet of internet management team will add your content to constructed building. Think about an Hospital company which want to purchase a vacant lot from the Planet Of Internet. After the construction of Hospital building, our management team will add most suitable health content to this hospital building. Visitors and the citizens of the planet of the internet will visit these contents in the legth of time. These health contents will be connected with hospital. The more visitors and the citizens of the planet of the internet visit these contents, the more value will gain the building from us. In other words, the advertisements and the content of the building, the visitors number of these building will increase the value of the building.

Thereby, large companies can make their promotions, they can inform visitors about the conpany's products and they can increase the company's visitors rate. These companies can create fantastic visual impacts on visitors by using this building management. If these large companies have the biggest advertisement area, we will publish their advertisements (products, promotion, banner ads) to the Planet Of the Internet citizens free..!

Except these things, you (the owner of the vacant lot) can sell this lot to anyone whenever you want.

Buy a Building, manage it and make it valuable & sell it..!
You can buy a building which presents on the planet of the internet. When you buy a building, you will not only be the owner of the building but also you will be the owner of the lot.

When you buy a building, you can again take advertisements to this building's vacant (empty) areas. All the revenue earned from these areas will be yours.

You can also destroy this building and construct another building whenever you want. But when you decided to do this destruction, you need to pay the destruction fee.

Our project is not this much limit. If you (internet users, webmasters, visitors, companies...) support us and if the advertisers enough, our project will improve. We will develop our project.

We don't think just advertisements in this project. For example, we will add a lot of extra things to the Planet Of the Internet. Our visitors will move around pretty well.

On the Planet Of the Internet, there are a lot of structures. For example, when the visitors click on the game studio building, they will start to play online games in this game studio building. We want the Planet Of the Internet visitors, citizens enjoy to live this Planet.

- When the visitors click on library, they will reach the informations about books.
- When they click on museum, they will watch different art galleries every month.
- When they click on hospital, they will reach the informations about health.
- When they click on gym, they will receive informations about fitness and nutrition.
- When they click on night club, they will listen online music from DJs'
- When they click on restaurants, they will reach the informations about food, beverage and recipes.
- When they click on cinema, they will receive the informations about new movies at movie theaters.

Live Contact MSN(Messenger): msn@planetofinternet.com

Web Site: If you want to learn the web site address of this web site you need to contact me.. I will not add a link here because of the rule of this forum... Sorry...

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