My name in this world is Ogburg, in the other world it is Randy and various other unmentionable titles brought on by friends (?). I am 55 years old ( which I feel is a tad ancient for all this mumbo jumbo) and I am totally self taught. I have read 635,712 1/2 books on all computer aspects. (the half book is when I couldn't stand reading anymore, lol). I am a disabled Vietnam Veteran living in Wisconsin in the summer and Metairie, LA in the winter months. I have done some pretty major programming in Symantec Q&A, (flat database), Foxpro, C++, and a few others I can't recall. I built custom computers for a couple of years and did some support and training. BUT, i could never master the advanced tweaking, troubleshooting and all around heavy maintenance of computers. I'm always buying registry cleaners, memory programs, etc, etc, which most of the time did more harm than good, not to mention my personal accountant (wife) who keeps asking me what the various card charges are! I am not into forums, blogs and such but I wil be on here researching and reading (OH Gawd, more reading) the posts and will prob jump in with a question or 2 or 3,000 :) Enough babbling,
Take Care

Welcome aboard…..hope you’ll enjoy it here…..well, start posting!!!