Why do you use Windows over another OS?

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It comes bundled with my PC. I don't have anywhere near as many problems as people tell me I should have with it. I have loads of software for it because I've been using it for some years.

If Windows gave me real problems I might consider changing OS but it doesn't, so why bother?

I use windows because it is reliable, adaptive, and works, at least for me.

If your version doesn't it's probably Windows is misconfigured or low system specs.

I agree with you. I also like all the games that it supports. Linux support for games are nowhere as near as Windows.

I just like it! ;)

Same here!!

Windows is a wonderfull OS :)

The Dude! This is from 2003!

I use windows as college teach Microsoft Technologies (ASP, VB6, MS access, MS VC++6)

I also use it as im a gamer and my PC came with it

For day to day stuff i use CentOS or Ubuntu

It's what I've used everywhere I've worked for 20 some years, going back to Win3.1. At home, I've got several major apps I use that are not available for other platforms. Then there's just plain inertia.

Macs are looking more enticing. Wish there was a standalone box between the Mini and the Pro.

I would love an iBook but Apples european prices are insane (there like thrice the cost of an equivilent pc, and about double the cost of what they are in america anyway)

I never really used win 9x, i went 3.11, 3.51, 4, 2k ,xp ,vista

The Dude! This is from 2003!

Yes its awesome isnt it??

Have you tried anything else?


linux/windows is it

No, The Dude.

Ues i have used a MAC but didnt like it very well.....

i love the program, easy to use and best off all everything runs on windows. bill monopolized the industry but he made sure it was friendly and even your cat can use it

i dont find vista user friendly

i was a windows pro but im a n00b in vista. everything is moved/changed

i love me some vista, i just wish the aftermarket companies would hurry it up with vista64 drivers.

I like it because of its flaws, they make it fun to explore and manipulate. Plus the fact is supports the most software out of all of the OSs, so thats why I use it, oh and the fact that I hate the layout of Macs and I've seen Linux.

I hate the layout of Macs and I've seen Linux.

Agree with the macs but whats the linux comment meant to mean?

Some linux desktops are just UGLY though (not a fan of kde or the default gnome)

personally though, i think that gnome can look really nice (centos 5 and ubuntu 7.10 look god)

Sorry. Meant to put I've never seen Linux. My bad. Plus I would have to go through the whole ordeal of switching operating systems.

Try a livecd

I use Windows over another operating system because I have been working in Windows since I was 8 years old and now the language of Windows seems like second nature to me.
There are lots of programs available for Windows for what I am looking to do (animation, game design, website design, etc)
The only OS I would switch to would be Macintosh since there are some better video programs for it.

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