I have a Windows Mobile 2003 PDA
Good condition, just one scratch on the case (barely noticeable)

Inlcudes cradle, leather pouch, also 128mb SD card, 4x 64 mb CF cards and some headphones as well as a cd with Toshibas Wirelss Projector Utility, whatever that ATI powerpoint type software is, and a load of freeware as well as an genuine outlook 2000 cd (i have 2003 so never used it)

64mb RAM + 32mb Flash Drive (doesnt get lost when battery runs down)

200/400mhz CPU (can select either to save power)

3.x inch screen (good bright, sharp condition)

Also can supply manuals and box

Has Wifi B too


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i'll trade a zire 31! lol

It's not possible to upgrade the OS on the PDA?

It has a flashable riom and this ppc could probably run wm2005 as its the same sorta specs as things like the budget ipaqs but no as toshiba never give out updates - even though theres loads of small problems with it that could be fixed

Toshiba only allowed the first few ones to be upgraded from wm2002 to wm2003 but that was after a massive petition. Even the e800 (2004) is still stuck on wm2003 (only some models are 2nd ed even lol)

Is the zire31 good or were you being ironic?

If i had the money id get an ipaq rx1975, palm tx or dell axim but i dont

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