Howdy hi;

I’m Jerry and I’m an old goat. Been messing with computers since the early 60’s. Ya before you were around.

Kneehow. Started with the old stuff Cobal ect. Then discovered GWBASIC Was easy to use and did just what I wanted. Wrote a large and completed program encompassing all aspects of the business I was working for, a sausage manufacturing company. Eventually bought the company, then retired and sold it to my daughter so now she runs it and is still using the same program to do all bookkeeping, sales , inventory and most important cost accounting. Tried putting it in VB but that’s a MS program that only does what MS thinks it should, not what you want it to.

Now all her younger friends and guru’s are telling her to get with it. GW is just a kids game. So she tried some MS canned stuff and it doesn’t work, then she called in a programming company and they said, “Sure we can re-write it for $100K”. Ya right!

Now my program works all the way up to Windows 2000 and DOS just fine, but put it in XP and you get just a half screen, the top half. This in many instances it cuts the top one or two lines off in that it screens up to fit the bottom lines. In GW you have 24 lines per screen, but in CMD with GW you get only 22.

Anybody know how to fix the line problem and go to full screen?

Incidentally Dani, my youngest daughter is named Danielle also.

welcome...hope you'll enjoy it here...