Okay im going to build a new PC. I want it for programming/college/games (nothing too fancy, guild wars, battlefield 2 and c &c generals mainly)

what do you all think of this?

AMD X2 AM2 Dual Core 4200 (2ghz, 512 cache - per core)
1024Mb 667Mhz PC5400 240pin DDR2 RAM
400W PSU
PCI Express x16 slot
nVidia 6100-based integrated Graphics
XP Pro SP2

£230 inc VAT .

I aim to stick in a ATI radeon x600 card from my current PC which runs most of the games I want. I will also stick in my current 160gb hard disk drive and DVD/R

Think thats good value? I currently have a dell and thats the whole point I want to build my own

Is the PSU too small? Im only gonna be running my crappy x600 though.

My current system is

Pentium 4 HT 3ghz with 1 or 2 mb cache dont know
XP Home SP2
ATI Radeon x600
2gb RAM
350w PSU

yeah, i prefer a Core2Duo but thats like £40 more

they are meant to get insanely hot, my P4HT gets hot enough as it is...

if i was gonna get an intel one id get a core2 for heat + power benefits

You dual booting *nix? ATI cards suck (though drivers are getting better) on linux...

I use the opensource one, not the ATI one.

The GNU one even lets me do compiz

and yeah, ubuntu and centOS alongsde XP.

I might spend the extra cash and get this one:


Intel Core 2 Duo E6750
2048MB DDR2 800MHz
Black ATX Midi Tower 400W PSU
Gigabit LAN
Intel G33 PCI Express Chipset

£260 and then another £50 for a 550w psu, i suppose

Be assure the G33 edition may be doesn't support Windows XP. Please confirm first about it.

you can hit F6 and provide a driver disk

my dad has a new dell based on this i think (Its entirely SATA and USB, no legacy whatsoever, even SATA dvd drive)

worked for his, as did ubuntu

ill research some more...