Okay im going to build a new PC. I want it for programming/college/games (nothing too fancy, guild wars, battlefield 2 and c &c generals mainly)

what do you all think of this?

AMD X2 AM2 Dual Core 4200 (2ghz, 512 cache - per core)
1024Mb 667Mhz PC5400 240pin DDR2 RAM
400W PSU
PCI Express x16 slot
nVidia 6100-based integrated Graphics
XP Pro SP2

£230 inc VAT .

I aim to stick in a ATI radeon x600 card from my current PC which runs most of the games I want. I will also stick in my current 160gb hard disk drive and DVD/R

Think thats good value? I currently have a dell and thats the whole point I want to build my own

Is the PSU too small? Im only gonna be running my crappy x600 though.

My current system is

Pentium 4 HT 3ghz with 1 or 2 mb cache dont know
XP Home SP2
ATI Radeon x600
2gb RAM
350w PSU

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I hate AMD :|

yeah, i prefer a Core2Duo but thats like £40 more

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Why not you try with Pentium Dual Core (Its not Pentium D) with Intel 945 GCNL Mainboard

they are meant to get insanely hot, my P4HT gets hot enough as it is...

if i was gonna get an intel one id get a core2 for heat + power benefits

You dual booting *nix? ATI cards suck (though drivers are getting better) on linux...

I use the opensource one, not the ATI one.

The GNU one even lets me do compiz

and yeah, ubuntu and centOS alongsde XP.

I might spend the extra cash and get this one:


Intel Core 2 Duo E6750
2048MB DDR2 800MHz
Black ATX Midi Tower 400W PSU
Gigabit LAN
Intel G33 PCI Express Chipset

£260 and then another £50 for a 550w psu, i suppose

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Be assure the G33 edition may be doesn't support Windows XP. Please confirm first about it.

you can hit F6 and provide a driver disk

my dad has a new dell based on this i think (Its entirely SATA and USB, no legacy whatsoever, even SATA dvd drive)

worked for his, as did ubuntu

ill research some more...

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