...and see how good your security knowledge is :)


I got 9/10 right :)

For "If you had a zombie in your house, what would you do?" i couldnt resist "A: Dig out your shotgun ".I didnt know wtf elk cloner was

"After downloading a new screensaver you get bothered with lots of pop-up ads, your web browser's start page has changed and any search is re-directed. What do you do? "

A: Install a pop-up blocker to get rid of the adverts
C: Scan your machine with both anti-virus and anti-spyware software

it should really be BOTH as you should have A in the first place

rofl i loved this one:

What is a DDoS attack?

A: Guerilla activism by open source software advocates in which they uninstall Windows on a PC and replace it with Linux

B: US politicians criticising the US Department of Defense's Office of Security

C: One that tries to knock a web server offline by bombarding it with huge amounts of data

Love this one.

Question 4
Windows is nagging you to update the operating system. What do you do?

C: Update every six months. Just to keep Microsoft happy

Updates are silly

My windows 3.1 box is perfectly secure, as it doesnt run 32 bit apps (and therefore viruses) and doesnt support any form of activex or scripting, and doesnt have IE (mosaic ftw)

conclusion: windows 3.1 > windows xp for securirty LOL ;)