Quite an old laptop, but still I want to try to bring it back to life. The problem is I cannot even power it on, when I plug the power cable on a green light appears to show that is charging, but when I press the power button it suddenly shuts down. I'm studying electronics engineering (second year) so I asked my professor about it and said that it could be caused by a malfunctioning BIOS or the entire motherboard. If so, then it's screwed, but I just hope theres some way it could be saved. Any ideas?

I think your battery may be dead.

Try removing the battery, then turning it on.

I think your battery may be dead.

I had just tried to do it, when I plug the laptod a green lights lights up indicating that the battery is charging. But when I turn it on it starts for just a few seconds and turns off, also the green light turns of and I have to take out the battery for a while.

First things first, where is this green light you mention, on the transformer or the laptop? You say you are studying electronics, have you tested the output connection of the transformer? If so, what is the voltage? Amperage? When last was the battery charged? Older laptop batteries like armadas do not survive total discharge. Not even one! Your problem is more likely a dead battery and/or transformer pack.

Ok, the green light is on the laptop, right below the mouse pad. The laptop has an input of 100v - 240v at 950ma. I had just run a test for teh battery and it seems dead (back a few weeks it worked a little bit), will the laptop be able to tuen on by plugging the power cable and taking off the battery? I had seen some old laptops that worked that way when the battery is dead. So far I had tried that to but nothing, no response, so my guess is that the motherboard is too dead. Poor old laptop...
Thanks for your reply!