I'm always dinking with my PATH variable at the command prompt. But the supplied windows "path" command is (and has always been) pathetic.

Well, after my latest episode of typing "path" and getting 6!!! lines of clutter I had had enough. So I wrote this little utility that lets me do all the things I always want to do, and a few other things thrown in.

Get it here. (Download links are at the bottom of the page.) It should work on any 32-bit version of Windows.

Available as a binary or as full source code.

It works by temporarily injecting executable code in its parent's process (which should be cmd.exe), so if you are running an anti-virus it will complain at you the first time you run it. This is the only way to non-permanently modify environment variables in another process in Win32.


After writing it in C++, I realized that g++ produces fairly large executables... So I rewrote it in Pascal (compiles with Delphi and FPC, but I used Delphi because it produces the smallest exe).

I also found and fixed a couple of (small) errors along the way (nothing to worry about if you are using the earlier version).

Get the new exe and/or sources from the same link as above.


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