I'm using IIS on Windows 2k3 R2.

What I'm wanting to do is create a folder called /accounts/ on the server that requires Integrated Windows Authentication. I can do that, no problem.

Then from there I want subfolders, but I only want it to show the subfolders that user is authorized to view.

For example, say I have a user named test and test2. Then I have a folder setup like this:


Now when I go to the /accounts/ folder from a browser it will prompt me to login. If I login with the test user, I only want it to show the test folder and hide all other folders. If I login with the test2 user it would show the test2 folder and hide all other folders.

Is this possible, and if so, how would I do this? I've tried all different kinds of permissions, but everything seems to either hide everything or show everything. If I login at test and click on the test2 folder it won't give me access, which is fine, but I would rather have it not show the entire test2 folder.

Thanks for any help.

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No ideas?

Is there any kind of variable that is passed during the login that I could use as a redirect?

For example, if I setup the Home Directory for the test user to /accounts/test/, is there anyway to pull that directory with PHP (or another scripting language) and set it to redirect to their home directory?


A mod can delete this. I just saw the sticky about not posting support questions here. I re-posted this question under the PHP forum.

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