Thanks for the very welcoming emails. I am a business/systems analyst with a large insurance company. I have been assigned the task of documenting, in business language, what some very old QBASIC programs do. As I am not a programmer, and have no experience with QBASIC (COBOL II is what I mostly deal with), I was searching for reference material to try to educate myself on QBASIC when I found your website. It looked like a resource that I may be able to use for some help if I need it. Thanks again for inviting me to join and I'm hoping I don't need your help :-).

Hello. I just joined Daniweb and saw your reference to QBasic programming. I am a retired Engineer who used QBasic back in the 1980s and wrote a proprietary program to Audit Medical Bills when my wife was a Nurse Auditor. I am now in the process of reviving my old program so I can possibly earn some extra spending money for my retirement. There is another Forum that I use for QBasic questions that has helped me. Please reply so we can discuss the type of programs you are trying to document. John