People have been saying that Google is going to buy Digg for the longest time, but now that Digg founder Kevin Rose confirms he is not against selling up does this mean that GDigg is a real possibility? It seems so, yes, and to the tune of $200 million as that's the figure that is flying around the web grapevine.

Rose is quoted as saying "if there ever becomes a partner that can help us achieve our goals, and where two plus two equals 10, then that is something I would consider." OK, that's not exactly a signed in blood confession that Google is a favored purchaser or even that there is any deal on the table. However, there is much industry speculation about Digg becoming an integrated part of Google News which does, at face value, appear to be a very obvious move for both parties. Neither has exactly been brilliant at monetization on their own, but together all that could change. Not least because it would make for a much more easily marketable advertising platform. It seems to be working for Conde Naste which has successfully married the likes of Wired and Reddit.

Where did you get the $200M figure from?

If that happens, I will be so sad. :-\

> Where did you get the $200M figure from?

Seems to be from the news story which the link arrives at, on the PC Pro magazine website.