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I've read a couple articles on keyword density. They mention that page content shouldn't exceed x% (around 8% often mentioned) keyword density. However, it's not clear to me whether it's x% per key word or x% for all keywords together. When reading the articles, it seems rather to be saying it's x% for all keywords together, but with so many words that could be counted as a "keyword", it doesn't make sense to me.

Thanks in advance!

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Take the phrase you are targetting, for example, "vegetarian dog food", then, make sure that the phrase is at about 5% keyword density for that page. If you are targetting more than 1 phrase per page try to make the other key phrases at about 3% keyword density each, higher than the other words on the page which you do not intend to target.

The percentage of keyword density is related to the individual keyphrase not all of the keyphrases added together.

Keyword Density is totally question about common sense. When you are writing content keep in mind you are writing it for Human not for search engine second Add your keyword with some meaning. Dont use it blindly. Add one important and one secondary keyword in per paragraph.

A density of 3-5% is the general norm. You really should not worry about density from the start. Write your pages for something that would be reader friendly, then look in the content for areas you can plug in keywords without sacrificing your readability.

If you will post a unique content and if user is interested in that content...u can increase the density....up to 12 to 15% ..u will not ban for this...

because google give priority to user.

if your content is user friendly it automatically search engine friendly....

hope this will help you ......

Thanks for all the helpful posts!

Keyword density wasn't a consideration when I wrote the text for my site. After, when I saw that there was a risk that pages too rich in keywords would run into trouble with Google I decide to see what the key word density was on some of my pages. Googleranking.com says that my main keywords are in the 20-30% density. Frankly, I wrote what seemed natural for what I wanted to express and I don't want to eliminate "keywords" for the search engine. I don't think it will be comprehensible.

So it seems like I have the opposite problem to most. It looks like I shouldn't be trying to get keywords in, but instead getting them out! However, like I said, I don't think my site would be comprehensible if I did that. I can only hope that I won't be penalized too much by the search engines.

Generally keywords density is 5% to 8%and you can use some search engine to find which words pepole always use to search.

Do not go higher than 5% for your keyword phrases. Where you place them is also important. Place your main keyword phrase in the headline, sub headings if you have any, and in the first, second and final paragraph. Also, place it in your resource box and make a link out of it.

Also, do not slavishly repeat the exact same key phrase in the other parts of the article. Thanks to Latent Semantic Indexing, you can vary your phrase to make your text read more naturally.

Oh, and don't forget that humans have to read your articles as well as robots!

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