I was about to embark upon a major myspace effort recently. The goal, of course: create a myspace page representing my business, then going out and networking in the community (getting friends whose pages link to my myspace page), and having the myspace page link to my website. In this way, I would be passing "google juice" from what is intended to be a popular myspace page along over to the actual webpage for my business.

Then I realized I can't figure out how to set up a direct link from a myspace page directly to my webpage. Every link I set up forces a re-direct thru myspace before itgets to my webpage. Which means I would not be passing any google juice to my website at all since the link is not direct.

Does anyone know how to set up a direct link on a myspace page?

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does not work on myspace but you can include your own adsense code and banner ads

We tried this for awhile, but it did not show for back links, nor, much human traffic. However, our company is business service oriented. So, for back links it is not worth the effort. However, if your company is entertainment oriented, and there is a large community in My Space interested in your product, then certainly, you should explore a My Space campaign. It's not all about "back links" and "SERP". It's about driving qualified traffic to your site.

Yeah good point, just curious if the extra juice effect was possible or not. I've seen a couple pages do it, trying to find out if anyone here knows about it.

Try looking for the forums... if your niche is not there start one

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