I've signed up with adsense to display the image ads on my site.I don't want to show text
ads as it drives some of my traffic away.Also it looks as bad webpage even though my
content is good.Can i place adbrite image ads along with google image ads,i don't want to
rotate google ads but can i place google ads on bottom and adbrite ads on sidebar.Is this

Widgetbucks really sucks cause in last 2 months i had very few clicks and i heard they
don't pay much not even as adbrite.Pay per click for their ads is very low.Shopping ads
are quite good alternative i've earned quite good amount from them.And they can be kept
with google ads.Anyone tried adpinion? If they pays or just use your stats for their

I'm looking for pay per click or CPM(thousand impression) type network,casue adbrite is
generating very less revenue in comparison to my google image ads.IS there any other image ad network that is having rates as high as google? I can't sign up for yahoo publisher
cause i'm outside US.

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you could test out Valueclick, I know they have a hefty CPM network. Or check our ADSDAQ by Contextweb, they have a nice CPM program too.

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