Ask Jeeves, a small player in the search marketplace, has been sold today to an online media giant - InterActiveCorp - for $1.86 Billion USD. InterActiveCorp's properties include Expedia, Ticketmaster,, and CitySearch. For more information, refer to the article below:

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That explains why my mom came into my room earlier today and started saying how Ask Jeeves has been all over the television lately. :) I'm wondering what this will do to the search engine market ... isn't Expedia owned by MSN?

Will ask jeeves be improve now?

isn't Expedia owned by MSN?

Nope! Barry Diller owns it ( )!

BTW if you are a Fortune Subscriber or are accessing the net using AOL then you should read this article.

ohhhhhh Really :eek:

I was thinking about buying that website :cry:

just kidding :cheesy:

anyway I hope whoever bought that search engine will work hard to provide a better service for scientists and researchers.

And if there are any new coming auctions, let me know soon so I can save some cash.

:cheesy: :cheesy: :cheesy:


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