Thats right! Once again, big G ended the war. Free unlimited storage space for all! They call it "Infiniti + 1". They have a counter that shows your storage space increasing by the second! Way cool. Those folks are so creative.

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Whoa. I just heard a little while ago that they now upped it from 1 gig to 2 gigs. They're at infinite gigs now. How silly!

infact the space is 1657 mb.

Whooops, it looks like I got fooled by their April fools joke :-D. Anyone remember the "Pigeon Rank" joke last year?

1gig of space vs unlimited... even if every email you get is 100k you'd have to save a whole lot of spam to fill up that inbox.

The minute I saw that bar chart on gmail login page I knew this was an April fools joke, they played one last year so I am not surprised to see one here.

There was another april fools joke by google. [thread]21270[/thread]

this isnt an april fools, my space is no 2050 MB. google is doing this because the likely hood of everyone using that much space all at the same time is near to impossible. im only using 4MB which is less than 1%

I also have 2050 mbs in my gmail inbox now :D

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