My goal is a first/second google page listing under the competitive keyword phrase 'cell phones'.

I've developed a little over 300 backlinks over the last two months (not high pr sites, but about 150 unique ip blocks and websites that I have traded services for links with). I have the site basically well seo'd (though I'm not an expert).

The backlinks are not showing up as backlinks on the google toolbar yet, but I know these sites are indexed by google. I can look up a particular keyword I have in the description and these links have all been seen by google. The anchor link in all instances is either 'cell phones' or that plus an additional word (cheap, discount, etc).

Yet, my site does not rank in the top 1000 under a search for 'cell phones'.

But there are some sites that don't seem to be well seo'd that are showing up. For example, when you look up cell phones, the site listed in the 14 position is a site with little content, 18 backlinks, and a pr of 3. (the site is ).

The number 2 position is taken by an amazon page, with no backlinks and pr of 0.

Given what I have read about how google figures rankings, how do these sites do so well?

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hmmm, I have a question to add to the one above.

I have another site with a very competitive keyword phrase. It did well when I first put the link on the 300 sites I mentioned above, went from 170 to 11, but now it's falling, down to 34 so far.

The sites that I have backlinks on, I have three spaces on each of them. I started using one (the site that did well), then added and cell phones and then a third.

I wonder if, because my sites are all on the same server and ip block, I am deluting (sp?) the value of the backlinks. In other words, I have three backlinks on each backlink partner, and while different domain names, they point to the same server/ip block. Is that hurting me?

I have several ips on my server, but all in the same block. My hosting company is a big one, if I can get an ip in a different block, can I have multiple ip blocks on my server? Does the server care or is a number a number to it?

Thanks for any thoughts on this,


>Given what I have read about how google figures rankings, how do these sites do so well?

powerful links pointing at the root of their site maybe?


search engine can check and discount whois data or ip address or link patterns

If anyone does let you know the answer to your questions then please let me know!

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