I have a website
http://www.bizmartindia.com/ has pr 3
http://www.bizmartindia.com/index.php has pr 2

1 Will it make a difference to google ranking

2 Hoew to merge http://www.bizmartindia.com/index.php in to http://www.bizmartindia.com/
Is any change in .htaccess file is required. How to do it. Pls help

Yes dude you have to Fix the canonical issue for your website and fix it through .htaccess file.

This is the general Canonical issue and you have more links with the domainname.com then domainname.com/index.php

So fix it as quick as you can

Still there is no problem.
Every site has different ranking for different pages

as one of the posters above said you need to block one of your two homepages in .htaccess file. i would recommend to block the one with index.html ending because most people will link to *.com and not to index.html

Alright I got your point and forwarded the request to the development department.
Thanks so very much for your views.

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