Tell me what kind of functions would be important to you if, let's say, i have 1000 search results and can sort them by:

  • how many times does come up vs.
  • where does rank on average vs.
  • how many times does the term "dog" come up in the title in all
  • how many times does come up in top 10 results
  • how many times does come up in top 20 results
  • word count of titles in positions 1-20
  • total results in SERPs for keyword
  • how long has URL been on the first page (find sites that have "popped out of nowhere")
  • which author name has the most articles written, according to google metadata

    I hope to be able to gather as much feedback as possible, I am in the process of building something pretty awesome, if you have any questions, drop them below, questions will also help me greatly