For some context, I use Google Ad Manager for all display ads on my site. Within the Privacy & Messaging section of Ad Manager, I have GDPR messages enabled for my entire domain. The message is published and the reporting stats indicate a sizable usage.

Additionally, various ad units have the option enabled to "Maximize revenue of unsold inventory with AdSense". As such, I have a Google AdSense account that earns revenue.

However, when I log into said AdSense account, I am confronted with the following message:

You're not currently using a Google-certified GDPR message to collect consent for GDPR, which means your site/s will stop showing AdSense ads and receiving revenue in the EEA and the UK on January 16, 2024.

I do not have any AdSense tags directly installed anywhere on my domain. There should be no AdSense impressions that were not loaded through Ad Manager, and, subsequently, no EU-based AdSense impressions that loaded without Ad Manager passing them through its GDPR alert.

Additionally, the Access and authorization > Third parties section of Google AdSense shows that its connection to my Ad Manager account is active.

What can I do to ensure that AdSense continues to work in 2024?

OK, so it gets even weirder. I decide to cave and create a GDPR message from inside my Google AdSense account anyways, since it continuously prompts me to. However, it then DOES NOT LET ME create a GDPR message because it says: "This site is managed in Ad Manager. Go to Ad Manager to make changes."

Also, in AdSense > Sites, the site URL is an exact match for the site whose GDPR message is set up in Ad Manager.

I'm out of ideas??

I read a few discussions about this on Reddit and for now I agree it appears broken. Some note that you do what it tells you and at the last step it fails again. "if you actually tried to set up the msg, right bfr finalizing it will tell you that you already have it running".

The rules look onerous. Especially this one: "You must keep a record of the consent that users have given." Wouldn't this mean we have to add a field to every user?

I don't have an answer for you here except it looks broken for now.

The reddit post you're referring to is referring to a different notification that accounts see when they have GDPR enabled already. It's definitely a confusing experience because it doesn't acknowledge that GDPR is already set up, but this is congruent with the message that my Google Ad Manager (where I have set up GDPR) shows.

My concern is that my AdSense account specifically has a (different) notification that explicitly says "You're not currently using a Google-certified GDPR message ...", and doesn't seem to be talking to Ad Manager?

commented: I agree. And my take is it's broken at the moment. I read a dozen such discussions and no resolution yet. +17

Well hopefully this gets resolved soon ... will be on the lookout because I'm super screwed if January hits and the message is not lying.

It appears this Google bug has been resolved. For me, anyways.

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