There will always be questions ununswered about the nature of some mysterious things... Or have i missed an official explanation? I don't think i have. But let's share our theories about those Reston, Virginia visitors. A dosen of similar ip address, all during 10-20 seconds, 1 page visit, 1second of length, all from Reston, Virginia :eek: ???

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Every single day, and actually alot of webmasters too, i am getting those visitors. For example now it's 22:34:00 Well... on the stat counter report you see 5-15 unique visitors between 22:34:00 and say 22:34:12, ALL from Reston, Virginia, USA, their ips are slightly different, they hit 1 different page each, their visit length is 0 seconds. Doesn't look like they are humans to me ))) I repeat it happens every day, sometimes 2-3 times a day - those gosts from Reston, Virginia ))


I get this as well (if it's the same IP). A couple of months ago, I performed a reverse dns-lookup and tracked it down to AOL (or some other large corporation) - I can't remember the exact details. I suspect that its just a search engine caching the pages of your site.

I would suspect that it's a good thing overall, and nothing to worry about, yet we would probably be more able to help you out if we were provided with more information.



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