i wanted to learn search engine optimization like link checker,link popularuty check ext.any body help how to start?.thanks

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I searched google and found this:


Its a freeware link popularity checker (url makes it alittle obvious, hehe)

What do you want to know exactly?

If you want to learn about it, genrally, there are loads of SEO tutorials on the web, try google or yahoo or something.

Hope that helps. :)

Instead of focusing on how many backlinks you have, focus on how to build up more :) Instead of spending your days tracking your link popularity and worrying that it isn't high enough ... Be proactive!

Don't be a student taking a test and focusing on time slipping away on the clock instead of the work needed to succeed!

aaron wall, member SEOBook has a kick ass collection of free SEO tools
on his website.

Yeah, those are the best I've seen. Aaron's backlink analyzer only does MSN and Yahoo though AFAIK, but it's pretty concise.

A backlink analyzer using Google would be completely useless imho, for a few main reasons:
1. goog only shows links pointing to a single page, not an entire site
2. goog only updates the links they decide to show whenever they feel like it
3. goog's link command seems to show a random sample of links, wheras yahoos linkdomain is much more comprehensive

> 1. goog only shows links pointing to a single page, not an entire site
Anyone can very simply use the appropriate command within each search engine to gather a list of backlinks. What Aaron's utility does it actually manipulate the data received by the search engine APIs. In other words, if Google were included (hypothetically), it would fetch a link:[url]www.site.com[/url] where it would be returned a list of pages. The script would then determine how many unique domains are contained within the list, and the number of pages per domain. So, for example, if I were to do it to www.mysite.com, it would return:

www.referrer1.com is giving you 20 backlinks
www.referrer2.com is giving you 15 backlinks

and so on and so forth. For how popular doing a link: in Google is, I'm sure you can see the value of having the results returned sorted and categorized. It's actually pretty easy to code thanks to Google's amazingly simple API. I would actually write the script myself if it weren't for the fact that I'm amazingly lazy and have other things to do. :)

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