Ok google has been crawling my forum for days... but i just checked today and its still not coming up on google...

I have meta tags, but im not sure they are in the right place.

My website is a proboards forum...
can anyone help me figure out y im not in the search yet?

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Give it time. Register with Google Webmaster Tools at www.google.com/webmasters to get the information you're asking.

well see thats my prob.. i cant get it to verify me. I have tried the meta tags and the html file.. neither on will let me verify.. it just keeps telling me that its in the wrong place... soo i dont know what to do to get verified

You need to upload a blank file with the filename they specify to the root of your website.

my site is a forum.. how would i do that? the link is in my profile..

Does proboards not allow you to upload files? Does proboards not allow you to add your own meta tags? If that's the case, you cannot use Google Webmaster Tools with a proboards forum.

If you start geting links google you will start geting index in goole and all the other top search engines. The key is to get links on good websites and you will see results.

yes u can add meta tags, but my prob with the meta tags is it keeps telling me the meta tag it gives me is in the wrong place....

and to upload a file u have to do it thro a place like image shak or something like that.. atleast thats only way i know how to do it.

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