I have been advised that there are tools that one can use to find your ranking on google. Has anyone here used such tools and could you recommend any?

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I have found quite a few useful tools at www.iwebtool.com. Does anyone else have any other sites with tools that they would recommend?

The best tool that I have ever used for getting Google PR is Plug-in for Firefox called SeoQuake. It will give you any stats you want about a website and web page. It is a must tool for any search engine optimization or website development.

I like that iwebtool.com link. It processes my requests so quickly. I keep struggling to find one that fast like that, thanks for the post!

any body try webceo ??
its desktop application for seo, i think its quite help

Sorry, but I will not recommend any tool to find rankings as they can't be reliable OR can give exact results.

So, I suggest to do it by yourself manually.

I always use iwebtool and prchecker for that matter. The results from them are accurate and reliable.

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