how do i get some free advertising

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  • Make Flyers
  • Tell Freinds and Family
  • Bumpersticker on your car
  • Apperal

can u guys join

<< url snipped >>

Spamming your link on other forums is not a way to get people to join your site ... it's just a way to irritate people.

sorri baby

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erm.. i don't think cscgal is your baby :p

Try getting a group of friends to join and get posting. Then have a referal contest or something so that you can have lots of members

Feel free to PM your link to me and I can take a look and help you out...

Open questions is good in a forum, enitces people to join and answer...

You could ask a friend to put a link to you on their site. Or even something on your homepage telling people about your forum, people may not even know you have a forum.

Word to mouth is the best free advertising you can get, so talk about your forum with friends and on other sites (without spamming).

Try to talk about your forum in other forum and ask people and to promote the forum for you also ask them to join. You can also use your forum as signature in forums if it is allow.

I think if you revert back the question and ask yourself; why people join my site? You’ll get the answer. :rolleyes:

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