The most effective way is article submission as your content is spread all over the world, and it is natural method also recommended by Google.

Link Building best ways are to
1. Make a great site and offer great services and people will link(talk) to you
2. Article, blog, directory submissions. Social bookmarking, forum links

I have tried many things, article writing (which I don't have too much time to do), blog posting, forum posting. Some even suggest guest blogging, which I haven't done yet. The thing that I have found most effective, at least for me, is to post things on my blog that people will love. I have found that people share them with their friends, post spontaneous links on their sites, and they seem to go viral. Make an effort to stick to great stuff, and once the word of mouth is out there, you'll see!
You might do all you can to build links, but if people don't like what you've got, it is a wasted effort.
Wish you well!

Related blog commenting is the best way to link building.

Social networking blogs and forum are one of the best source for link building .it makes more and more links . and it's all depend on your opinion about the people.

Links from high PR site would be great. A link from PR7 is the best even if you have to buy it then go for it...

Link Building is an important part of Search Engine Optimization, and is a practice of getting other websites to link to yours. The more back-links you have, the more traffic your website generates.It is helps in marketing your websites and increase the visitors.

Linking pages should have Page Rank or should be Indexed.
Avoid database website crawling is difficult to search engines.
I have few website tour and travels I take free Reciprocal Links you can submit your website.

Well all these methods are useful in link building but I want to suggest you to keep more attention on blog commenting and forums posting....

what is the best, most efficient way to find promising link prospects – those that will bring you fast, measurable business results?

I believe its not about the number of links that matter...i have seen many a sites which have few links still they weigh more in ther search engines....and sites with thousands of backlinks still can not overpass.The thing i am talking about is powerful backlinking.

Those links which pass moderation are really very helpful......

Everyone has mentioned ALL that you need to do. Now it's just a matter of taking consistent action - day in - day out and not giving up.

These are the most efficient way.
1. Forum posting
2. Social bookmarking.

I believe that using forums is the best way!

Anything that is relevant to your website and that you can create anchor text with will work greatly!

What can beat relevant high quality backlinks to your website? :)

When it comes to article directories you need to many to serve as only link juice! It takes probably thousands I hear. I don't think anyone knows for sure, but I would stick with anchor text forum backlinks!

Link Wheel
Blog Comments
Forum Posting
Article Submission
Press Release Distribution

The best way is to do a mix of all types of links. Each and every month link build. Do it over the course of the month so it looks natural.

link building is very useful for creatin g back link .these are reliable linkthat why you got more traffic on ur website

Article submissions with good content, link wheel building are the effective ways. Try them.

I find web directory submission and article submission the best ways to build quality links for your sites. You could also leverage social networking sites.

All the ways are useful but amongst them the most effective Forum Posting,Article Submissions, Blogs, Blog commenting, Bookmarking are the best ways of building links for the site.

WEll i think link wheels are greatest and most efficent strategy of link building in addition to this submitting websites to web and article directories is very important thing, check out link wheel strategies

Yes, now a days there are many available practices to perform link building. Directory Submission and Forums are according to me is a most preferable way.

There are many ways and the ones that would surely convert are those paid ads like google adwords. But if you are still starting up, you can opt to free traffic sources. You can start with web directory submission, social bookmarking, posting to web 2.0 sites and article submission.

According to me, Forum discussion and Blog commenting are best way to increase link building.

There are lots effective ways to do link building like
Social bookmarking
Directory submission
Forum posting
Link wheel
Blog posting and commenting
RSS submission
Press release

try to get backlinks from site which are related to need to be patient for the reaction of SEO works.effective way to get backlinks;use social networks.

Effective and fastest methods include:
Forum Posting
Article Submissions
Yahoo Answers
Twitter and Facebook Marketing
Social Bookmarking
Press Releases.
These methods will generate quality back links to your website there by more traffic.

For getting fast backlinks you should go for yahoo answers, forum posting and blog commenting.

The most efficient ways for link building are
Social bookmarking
Directory submission
Forum posting
Classified submission
Press release
Article submission
Rss Feed submission
Blog posting
Link wheel
Social networking

With the numerous updates to Google's algorithm, you need to be very careful of using low-quality links to your site. These could actually end up punishing instead of rewarding you, pushing you down the rankings. Ideally, the best kind of link will always be from quality sites that are not in the business of giving links.

Most efficient way is manual link building rather than using black hat techniques. White hat SEO gives long lasting results

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