Hi, I've been brainstorming features for my forums and how I should
layout ads. I came across many "banned from AdSense" topics, so I made
sure to read all the policies and guidelines well. As far as too many
clicks and click bots go, I don't want to get banned from AdSense
because someone out there has a problem. Whether it's someone who
doesn't like the forums, myself, staff member, user, or just a click
frenzy relative. I'm not sure if this is possible but I would like to
have Javascript/PHP filter limit a person from clicking ads on my
forums more than 3 times per day. After exceeding the limit, in the
future ads will no longer display for that IP (they won't be hidden,
they won't load at all). I would think it would already be a feature
to limit how many times a person's IP will count as a click for a
websites domain (or IP). Without altering the display or code of the
ad, is it still against the rules to do this?

Thank you in advance

You can atmost install adlogger.

Yeah thanks I got it all setup. Looks like that guy did exactly what I was thinking.

Of course... I'm improving it just a little bit.

Too bad people can still just use your AdSense code.