I have my own website and i need to put it on first page of google search to gain more potential clients and increase the profit of our company, So what i do is link building, social bookmarking, article submission, web directory submission and on-page optimization.

I hope this will help for those people who are asking what are the techniques to put a specific website on first page of google search.


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First of all you should have to pay attention to write a good quality content on your webstie and than try to make a good quality content for your site and also use the social media sites to gain the popularity over the internet.

For getting ranking of a website on the first page of search engine is becoming complicated due to more competitons and google's updates. Unique content is most important factor for getting ranking. Blog posting, blog commneting and guest blogging are the best techniques that help getting well ranking of a webiste. Pay-per-click and social media optimization are also becoming importnat. Posting a unique information about selling a business on the high pr blog sites is the best way to improve the rank fast.

thanks for the information. But my website is an online directory is it also possible to do link building?

Hey you have to do some tactics in Off-Page optimization:
- Social bookmarking
- Article Submissions with Unique.
- Blog Commenting
- Forum Commenting & Threading
- Press Release
- Web 2.0 site creation..

Link building is one of important factor for search engine optimization.There are two types of link building one is onsite link building other is off site link building.Online link building is to see what is happning on your website & offline link building is to see what is having away from your website.

According to Google update you don't need to do link building fast, just try to make your referrals it is best for yours site.

thank you so much for the information. I started doing social bookmarking :)


It think you need to perform link building with an link bulding because Google keep changing it algorithm so don't take any risk regarding this.

By doing Off-page SEO tactics like Social Bookmarking, Blog Commenting and Article submission we can generate back links which are fruitful.

Qulaity link building has become important,you can do following things for getting qulaity links fro your site given below:-
1)Start getting links from the relevant sites.
2)Find out the relevant blogs and ask them to publish your post from their blog rolls for that you can provide them good content.
3)Increase facebook likes.
4)Incrase followers on twitter and ask them to retweet your post so that their followers can see your post.
5)Think like user and develop your content in thi aspect,make it informative and qualitative and market it as you can.

I think there has a another way to get good backlinks , it is linkwheel. link wheels without footprint. Give a try.

Link Building means to get relevant links to your site from any other site.
There are basically two types of Link Building:
(i) One way link
(ii) Reciprocal link

Can anyone give me tips of Guest posting.

Link Building is very helpful for Site Promotion. For Link Building:

Socail Bookmarking
Webdirectory Submission
Forum posting
Blog Posting
Articles Submission

To get traffic you need a lots of quality back link for your site, You can get backlink by doing following job:

  1. Article submission
  2. Directory submission
  3. Social Bookmarking
  4. Forum posting
  5. Blogging
  6. Social media optimization etc.
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