Hello everyone..
I much about link building. But want to clear something that what we understand about one way link building, two way link building?

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One way link building is getting links from other sites while you don't have to give link on your site, there are many ways to get links from one way sources like:

social netowrking, socila bookmarking sites
press release etc.

you need to use Web2.0 , Link Wheel, you need to make a link wheel system

Agree with Prosence, but I don't know about link wheel, is it still safe relate to Penguin update?

I aslo a lil bit confused about link wheel after penguin update.As much as i have read about it some people says that it is good for seo but some says not good for seo.So it has become very risky,the one thing i came to know about link wheel after reading is that content should be genuine,informative,unique,should not be copied from any where then it can give you benefits other wise it will work as spam for you.If content is not good then it may give you results but after some time it will work as spam for you.....:)

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One backlink means give your sites adress to others and dont take any from them. Link wheel is good way of link-building if you do it without footprint

hmm...Now I am clear about One Way link building thanks to all my dear friends for your great support.
And link wheel really helps me to get one way link from several sites.

Two way link building, exchange of links? How?

One way links, also known in the names of Link campaigns, inbound links and backlinks, come under the umbrella term of 'Link building services' that refers to any hypertext link on an external website that links back to a page of your website.

This is a simple process where some sites process click-in links that leads to other sites or blogs. It can be mutual, that is when this link is exchanges or simply one way link. The one way link building is when a blog or site owner tries to get links back to his or her blog/site without reciprocating.

I think that one way link it that where your are getting link from other sites.

One Way Link Building:

Social Bookmarking
Webdirecotry Submission
Blog posting
Article Submission
Forum Posting

One way link building is most effectible for site.There have good benefit for back link.We can get one way link from webdirectory submission,link exchange,forum posting,blog posting etc

Two way linking is similar reciprocal linking, now a days it is not effective technique.


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Link exchange - you and other webmaster exchange link. Your site link will be on other website and his/ her site link will be on your site. This way usually occurs in the same degree.

One way links, also identified in the names of Link campaigns, inbound links and backlinks, arrive under the umbrella expression of 'Link building services' that refers to any hypertext link on an exterior website that links back to a page of your website. The principle behind this course of action is not just making a few value of your website to the search engine, but attracting relevant, quality and long-term traffic as well.
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One way links also known as non-reciprocal links. One way links means you receiving links from other websites you don’t link back to that Web sites.
There are many ways to get one way links like

Forum posting
Classified submission
Social bookmarking
Article submission
Blog posting

Link building is getting links by performing any offpage and onpage methods.Link exchane is of two three types one way,2 way,3 way..

I think forum posting , Social bookmarking , Directory submission , article submission are the best one way lnking techniques..

If you want to earn one way link you should have to do forum posting , blog commenting , article submisssions , directory submission etc , these methods will give you one way links for your site.

One way link building can play an important role in building quality link and enhance search engine ranking which in turn boost the traffic.

As you know that what meaning of link building, in one way link building you have to link your webpage on someone's else webpage wheather in two way link building you create links on the others webpage and in the response the other's webpage link will crearte in your webpage.Means that your webpage will be link on the other's webpage and other's webpage will be link on your webpage.


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