I have been developed shareware software name DBEXform to design forms and reports for different databases, with integrated Sql query builder. Basic functions in software are quite easy to use. Now it seems that potential larger users likes it, but they afraid to use is because lack of a local support. Last case is other side of world, so there is also time zone issue.

Now I am planning to seek local or worldwide distribution and support organisation. How can I start searching possible resellers? What kind of channels for smaller companies and how about companies that are specialized for shareware reselling?

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Very hard question, maybe you should realize benchmarking and find out a shareware product that already has international resellers, study their experience and try to do what they have done.

There are several affiliate areas where you could perhaps get people to resell your products, ie sharesale.com or cj.com but those can have high upfront costs.

You could also put it up on some of the digital product reseller areas like clickbank.com where you just pay a percentage of each sale.

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