Am making my website with a BGCOLOR of #FFFFCC in the body element. Then my icons are transparent GIFs using the same color value as a the matte.

Here is my question, as I am not too familiar with browsers and all. I know that not all browsers will show all colors the same way.

So am curious, is there a way to find out how safe my background color is across browsers?

Thanks all

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Doubled up letters the way you have it (i.e. FF, FF, and CC) will always be web safe colors. Of course the web safe colors are only as good as the browser/graphic card rendering it. The abilities of the computer when it comes to color are not as worrisome as they were back in the day though.


whenever u r developing the website use 3 or 4 browsers to see the result, and after the development of each and every step see the result on every browser this is the only way to check the compatiblity with not only colors but with elements too.

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