My web designer left town. How do I get rid of the red, blue, white blank pages at the bottom of the site:
Any suggestions will be mappreciated

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1) get a new designer
2) if you're IT literate then you could ftp in and change it yourself. (I can probably tell you what to delete.)
3) Find someone you trust who's it literate, give them your ftp details, and get them to change it.

Hi Les, no offense but it looks like your web designer may have been run out of town! :lol:

Sorry, kidding. If you have contribute you can control a lot of elements on your site, but you have to set up a connection to the server first (if it already isn't). After that it is all drag and drop.

<insert shpeel>

In all honesty, I would suggest you contact a good web designer. We just finished the design for Jake Marsh, we did Ed Kirkland's last month, and we have done many other realty sites. You could get a really nice site for under a grand.

</insert shpeel>

Sorry Dani, had to do it!

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