I have discoved one of the sites I designed with a main table width of 100%, scrolls left to right in Windows 2000 platforms. Does anyone know a solution to this problem? Most other viewers are using high resolution monitors so I don't want to reduce the table width. Imbedded images only account for less than 900 px width.


>Windows 2000 platforms.
It really doesnt matter, tell the browser with which you are encountering problem.

Also, I really cant solve the problem without looking at source code or the webpage, so post that too.

That will always happen with tables if the content won't fit in the browser window.

If the display is 600 X 800, you images are already too wide. Either reduce the image sizes, or let the page scroll with the small screen resolution.

Also, don't put size styles (width, height) and surrounding styles (margin, border, padding) in the same tag or css definition. Nest two tags, one with the sizes, and the other with the surrounding styles.

You have an image or a group of images that together are creating a fixed width. Once those images butt against each other, the page becomes incompressible.

I see an image creating the look of a horizontal red bar. I think this is causing the blockage. Use a style to create that instead.