to use my scripts "html" do i need to have a web host?

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I wouldnt use if i was you, their customer service is terrible. If something goes wrong they dont reply to your emails, and they dont have a UK call centre.


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well if you want to see them yourself you can view it on your computer only (provided u haven't use any server side scripts) or if you want others to see it you really have to push them in webspace to to do that you need a web hosting service.

thx a lot guys i didn't know i can use freewebs :S

As I've seen so far, a web host with forced banners or ads usually has a good customer service. The bigger the ads, the better the service =)

I've used a web host without ads and it didn't go well. Actually it was SO bad. I couldn't even log in.

If you also use CSS, I suggest you take the one without ads because I've tried CSS with ads from web host and it ruined the layout.

By the way, above, I meant only free ones.

If you're going to be serious about it, though, you might want to consider buying a domain name and webspace to go with it. You often get what you pay for, and if you pay nothing....

I'm not saying free hosting is bad, but if you're going to take this all seriously then it makes sense to consider all the options.

SnowDog, I agree with you.

buying a web host its not for me im a beginer so can some one post more free web host sites

Your ISP most probably provides you with some free webspace. Most do.

ok sorry but whats a isp (im a beginer)

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Whoever you pay to let you connect to the Internet usually (not always) allows you some space to upload your files to.

Who is your ISP?

i dont know if you know it because i think its only in canada but still "my isp is videotron"

OK. According to their website you get 5MB of webspace (assuming you are on high-speed/DSL and not plain old dialup).

That is more than enough for you at this stage.

ok thx where do i go to get started?

ok thx where do i go to get started?

By contacting them. They will tell you what you need to do to access your space.

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