I have created a list of links that serve as the left side navigation that I include in every page of my site.

I add it using Frontpage's Webbot include

<!--webbot bot="Include" U-Include="navigation/leftmenu.htm" TAG="BODY" -->

On leftmenu.htm I have included some internal CSS to make links and visited links light blue with an orange hover.

a:link {color:#B3C0CE}
a:visited {color:#B3C0CE}
a:active { color: #FF9900 }
a:hover { color: #FF9900 }

In my other pages I have the links set to dark blue with an orange hover.

So what happens, of course, is that since the navigation page is inserted it takes the style from the other pages.

Can anyone figure out how to keep the navigation links from taking their style from the other pages?

Thank you.


It is best to not change the colors of these items, sinc most browsers can block your styles on links.