I don't know much about dreamweaver and this question will probably make those who do roll there eyes, but please help if you can:

On many home pages they have a small promo blurb with a link to a full article on another page. I know how to create the link to the article, but my question is does the blurb have to be typed on both pages (or copy / paste from one to the other) or is there a way to have it auto populate the blurb from the article?

I hope this makes sense and any help would be appreciated. Also, this site will be edited with Contribute in the future. If there is a way to do what I'm asking, will it holdup with contribute?

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Never used DW in my life... but I can have a guess for you.

If the ARticle is held in a DB, then you should beable to "fetch it"...
If you have cvreated the article so it has split content fields "a blurb/intro field" and "a main body field", then you can simply put a call into the blurb field.

Alternatively, you may have to call in the article and then set a limit on the number of characters returned etc.

Alternatively, yes, you could type it by hand (the only option I know of if the site is not DB based?).

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